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This dojo is the culmination of a dream to create a retreat center available to all practitioners of aikido, regardless of affiliation or style, and to share traditional Japanese weapons styles with those who are interested. It is a space intended to break down barriers, and to foster friendship through shared training and camaraderie, especially in seminars and intensive workshops.

The Westwind Center for Aikido and Traditional Japanese Weaponry is located in rural Maple Park, about twelve miles northeast of DeKalb, IL; a five-thousand square-foot training facility fixed in a gorgeous Midwest landscape of vast fields and open sky. The dojo is comprised of a sixty-six tatami training quarter with a finished shomen and kamidana, spacious social area and kitchen, men and women’s locker rooms, and showers. The sixteen-foot ceilings are great for all types of weapons, so go ahead and bring your jo and bokken. Construction and design have all been performed by members of our aikido family. In addition, the calligraphy that decorates the shomen has been generously provided by Mrs. Michiko Hamasaki, of Yokohama, Japan, one of the few masters of “daijikigo,” the giant calligraphy style. The dojo is headed by Dr. Russell Bodner (Yondan—Aikikai), teaching aikido and Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu, under the direction of Mr. Tetsutaka Sugawara (Nanadan—Aikikai) of Machida City, Japan.

Westwind Center for Aikido and Traditional Japanese Weaponry is a branch dojo of the Sugawara Martial Arts Institute (Sugawara-sogo-budo-kenkyusho), and is recognized by the Aikido World Headquarters at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.